Yes, that is the Cross of Jesus in our logo.  Yes, Im a Christian who loves to show his love to all I meet.

I started this journey of being a photographer back in the darkroom days @ Palmdale High School.  After having kids pretty young and needing to support them.  I slowly drop out of College and set the camera down to work in the field of Telecom.  It has helped doing what it needed but now I have found myself back behind the camera, doing what I love.  I helped with a production for the Fathers day of 2013.  Ever since then I have been taking pictures for fun and professional.

What I love most is capturing a moment in time for my customers and see them share these moments on social media and print them up to hang on their walls.  Weddings are the best to see two lives come together, is a true blessing.  I love freezing sports action thru my lens.

And for the last year I have had the pleasure of teaching photography to the kids of Gabriel's House, one of many City of Palmdale Neighborhood Houses.  This is a no cost program for kids to learn different forms of Art.